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Bathrooms are small spaces that seem to accumulate a whole lot of stuff. To uncluttered and make that bath seem a lot more open, get things out of there that are not necessary and items like toothbrush holders, water cups and soap dishes should all have the same design. There are millions out there to choose from and they give the bath a uniform appearance.

Some bathrooms have vanities which are the shaving brushfocal point of the room. It should be neat, clean, uncluttered and be an accent. If you are overhauling your bath, make sure your vanity has simple angles and simple colors that accent the surrounding walls. Dark wood – bright white vanity. Light tiles – jet black vanity. Well you get the idea.

The lighting used on your vanity should fit into the style and scheme you are using. Antique light fixtures are wonderful for a Victorian look, where Art Deco should have clean lines for the lighting.

Bathtubs and toilets should also be the style of your entire bathroom. Many homeowners who have bought old Victorian homes can now find footed baths that are newly manufactured but have that incredible Victorian bath look.

Wallpapers, paints, etc will make a big difference in your bathroom style. Look at books that show many different designs and styles to find what will work best for that room. A totally revamped bathroom can be very satisfying and will definitely add your your home's value.