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Tips to exhaust your children, the weekend or day without school, are opportunities to fill your day with fun, but it is not always possible to go ride His/her desire to play and energy out, however, remain calm and together and do not panic! make a house entertainment plan for kids and it is easier than it seems. Just a little creativity and the right strategy. Get inspired with these ideas and leave it to your  to the imagination!

The city of children

the fun will be guaranteed for hours. They just need long sheets of paper or cardboard, markers, small cartons or containers of milk, some books and pieces of wood.

It binds the sheets with adhesive tape to assemble the land. Draw streets, sidewalks and parks. Use the boxes to give life to buildings such as schools, hospitals, shops, banks, etc. Used books and pieces of wood, to build slopes that your sons/daughter  cart can go up and down. This activity will keep them entertained while they assembled the city and when you are ready to play!

Obstacle course

houseIt organizes athletic competition at home! It takes into account the abilities, age, number of children and available space, and designed a circuit of obstacles for kids coming up through it in the shortest possible time. Varies the challenges as they go to dominate them and weapon a strategy game that consists of run it several times to win. TIP: Let them invite some friends and compete in teams!
Some challenges that awaiting them are:

-Go under a "train" of chairs arranged in line

-Jump in and out of a ring several times

-Dunk a ball in a boat

-Running or walking doing balance with a book on your head

-Make a small bike ride

-Launch bubbles

-Jump from one point to another

-Hands stop or hang from a bar

The best? They end up exhausted!