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CaptureSo, you’re looking for a new knife? As you can imagine, the choices and available options are very hard to work out. There’s so much to pick from that you can spend more time than you might possibly imagine working through various features and ideas with regards to how the knife works.

However, this knife itself is very effective and a useful choice for anyone who needs a quality knife to rely upon. It’s effective, it’s strong and it’s pretty damn sturdy; but how does it perform over a period of time? Can you rely upon this to do the damage for you as and when you need it?


First things first, this is a strong blade. It’s rather small but it’s very powerful and can get the damage done depending on what you need to cut. The comfort of the finger contours around your hand make it very easy to wield, too, which will probably assist you with the whole sturdiness – you are less likely to lose your grip.

It provides an incredibly secure grip that will make it easy to work with the knife, and the addition of the Flathead screwdriver at the bottom makes it a nice and effective tool for quick and incisive changes. It’s strong and will be able to cut through a wide range of products using the k-texture handle to make it easy to keep a grip of.


Despite being a very strong and sturdy little knife it’s got the skill and power needed to puncture most things due to this versatile nature. The knife itself comes with a screwdrivers, and a bottle cap lifter as well so that you can enjoy a few cold ones after a hard days cutting without having to change tool in any capacity! In terms of a utility knife there are very few out there that could react to it and outdo it, such is the wealth of strength within the Shuffle itself.

It’s a very useful little knife that can do the damage you need without any of the constraints that usually come up when using a utility knife regularly.


Overall, it’s very strong and easy to use by providing a comfortable handle, a nice and easy tool for moving things around and getting stuff dealt with. It’s sturdy, it’s strong, it’s versatile and its’ very cost-effective; what more could you ask for when looking at a knife?

The various uses combined with the great price makes it a fine choice for anyone who wants to reduce their expenditure without making it necessary to be a huntsmen to get a good use out of this brilliant little utility knife set!