Three Steps to Replacing your Corroded Bathtub Spout

Just Three Steps to Replacing your Corroded Bathtub Spoutsink tap

Tired of looking at the corrosion around your old bathtub spout or just want an upgrade to your shower? A task that may seem daunting at first may be one of the easiest fixes around your home, especially in regards to plumbing. With the help of a few tools, a bit of elbow grease, and a free couple of hours, your bathtub should look new in no time!

Tools Needed: Water-pump pliers, masking tape, tephlon tape, a sturdy screwdriver (preferably flat-edge), a hex-wrench, a measuring tape, and a notepad.

Step One: The easiest way to assure that you get a new bathtub spout that fits your current connection pipe (the pipe inside of the spout) is first to remove the old spout and take it to the hardware store with you to assure a successful purchase. There are two types of spouts that you most likely currently have: the first type of spout will be attached underneath with a hexagonal set screw, and the second is a screw-on type. First check if you have a set screw underneath; if you do, than use your hex-wrench to loosen the screw until the spout comes off cleanly. If there is not a set screw, then turn your spout counter-clockwise. Sometimes it will be loose enough to come off with just this simple motion, but if that is not the case, enter the screwdriver into the spout to act as a lever. After the spout is off, place it in a plastic bag for easy transport to the hardware store.

Step Two: Using your measuring tape, measure the connection pipe that is now exposed without the spout. Most connection pipes range somewhere from barely protruding to about six inches in length. Jot this length down on your notepad as this is an important element in choosing a new spout for your bathtub. Take this information and your old spout to the hardware store; compare options to see what is available, where that is a similar model or something entirely different. Of course, ask if you need help and they will be happy to find you something that fits your vision for your new bathtub spout.

Step Three: If you had a spout with a hexagonal screw underneath, then just place your new spout overcleaning the connection pipe and use a hex-wrench to tighten it into place. If you had a screw-on spout, you have a few extra steps. First, take your tephlon tape and wrap it around the ridges at the end of the connection pipe- this will help protect both of your pieces of hardware from damage. Second, place masking tape around the ridged portion of the water-plump pliers- this will help protect your shiny new spout from scratches. Thirdly, twist your spout clock-wise onto the connection pipe until you cannot move it anymore, and then use your pliers to help push it firmly into place.

Believe it or not, these three steps, and a little bit of hard work is all that it takes to update a piece of your indoor plumbing and make you a regular fixer-upper.